Knott’s Bear-y Tales - 1975


“I cannot hide the fact that I’m terribly proud of this ride. It was designed by Roland Crump, and for my nickel he’s the best in the business...I have never seen characters more exquisitely made than these.” - Marion Knott, 1974.

“What really excited me the most was the freedom that allowed me to design the ride using my own imagination without a lot of unnecessary restrictions...” - Rolly Crump, 1975.

In 1974, plans were being made to fix the floundering Gypsy Camp section of the Farm. Part of these plans included a dark ride, imagined by Wally Huntoon, featuring a boy and his donkey on their way to a Fair. By Fall of ’74, Marion Knott brought in Rolly Crump - veteran designer and amazing artist, to design what eventually would become “Knott’s Bear-y Tales” - a slow, family friendly attraction filled with whimsy and a memorable theme song. Given a free hand to create it as he wished, the final design was likely the most “Crump-like” realization of anything he ever designed.

Wally Huntoon discusses the original concept behind Knott’s Bear-y Tales - Feb. 22, 1993.

Marion Knott explains why the attraction was located on the 2nd floor of the building - June 18, 1993.

Rolly Crump discusses the aborted “free-fall into Weird Woods” concept - Dec. 18, 1992.

Frog Forest music & sfx (excerpt)  - live recording by John Waite, circa late 1970s.

Queue BGM (excerpt) - 1975.