Knott’s through the years


Knott’s Berry Farm has a rich and varied history - from Walter Knott’s simple tableaux created in the late 1930s, to today’s startling roller coasters. To the left are links to the years on the Farm. Within these pages, are sub-pages showcasing images and media that could not be included in the book. Some of the pages also include audio excerpts from interviews with various designers and employees of the Farm, so be sure to scroll down to the bottom of each page. I will be updating these pages as time permits - so if a date range has no photo albums, check back again soon. Or better yet, subscribe to my blog for updates. Enjoy!


Through the years...

Knott’s Preserved - The Book
April 2010 - Angel City Press

Walter Knott and Paul von Klieben with plans for Ghost Town Village - 1947.

1889 - 1917

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1920 - 1927

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1928 - 1939

1940 - 1949

1950 - 1959

1960 - 1970

1971 - 1981

1982 - 2010